All the offset satellite dish antenna we designed owns the standard features as, -To support Ku-band reception & transmission of signals strongly. -Heavy duty Powder coated steel finish for all weather operations. -All metallic parts have passed 500h of salt spray resistant testing. -Universal mount for installation on - Ground, Wall, Roof, railing, Slope & Balustrades. - Rolled-in edge to avoid deformation. -Precision degree scale stamped on AZ-EL mount for easy installation. -Rigid & Strong design for easy assembly & maintenance. -High accuracy, high gain and high efficiency to bring qualified signals. -Strong wind resistance to ensure its stable and excellent performance. -Anticorrosion to sustain anti-aging and make it durable. -Fashionable style and unique appearance.

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Material:                            Steel

Stand:              Wall and/ or ground mount

Finishing           Polyester powder coating

Pole diameter Acceptable(mm)  32-48

                Short axle:    75cm

Elevation  Adjustment:         0°-90°

                Long axle:    82.5cm

Azimuth  Adjustment:         0°-360°

KU-BAND Gain @12.5GHz     38.52 dB

Wind speed:      

F/D Ratio: 0.65

Can receive:                     25m/sec

Focal distance:           492mm

Can replace:                     40m/sec

Relative Humidity:        0~100%

Not damage:                     60m/sec

Aperture Efficiency:        80%

Working Temperature     -40°C ~ +60°C


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